Recone Pricing

Speaker Reconing Service

How Much to Recone a Speaker

Speaker recone pricing is per speaker, cabinet labor is separate. If you do not see your speaker brand or model and want a quote or have any other questions please contact us

Speaker Reconing includes:

  • Complete inspection/clean.
  • Replacement of all moving parts.
  • Final test on completed repair.
  • Original cones in good shape can be re used if no longer made on some speakers replacing only the damaged parts.
Speaker Reconing Service
SizeBrandModel/ModelsPrice per speaker
8"Acoustic ResearchAll Models$50
10"Acoustic ResearchAll Models$70
11"Acoustic ResearchAll Models$80
6"ADVENTAll Models$45
6.5"ADVENTAll Models$45
8"ADVENTAll Models$
10"ADVENTAll Models$65
ADS 206-0313, 206-0314, 206-0318, 206-0320, 206-0340, 206-0355, 206-0357, 206-0365, 206-0379, 206-0395, 206-0469, L1290/2, MS3/U
4"-18"Altec Lansing032424, 24389, 30867, 31063, 3127, 3154, 3156, 3182, 3184, 391015, 403A, 4058, 406Y, 408A, 409-8D, 411-8A, 414-8B, 415-8, 416 8A, 416 8B, 416 8C, 416 A, 416 Z, 417-16, 417-8, 417-8H, 418-8H, 418A, 418B, 418C, 419-8B, 421-8H, 421-8LF, 421A, 421B, 422 Z, 423-8Z, 425-8A, 50-03-03080501, 50-03-030942, 515-8, 515B-16, 515E, 565902, 600B, 601-A, 602A, 603-B, 604-8 G, 604C, 604C DUPLEX, 604E, 605 A, 616-8A DUPLEX, 617-8, 755A, 755E, 803-16, 803-8, 920-8B, MOD 3, MOD 5, MOD 6, MOD 9, MOD 9 MID, MOD14, MOD15$50-$175
Ampeg86-358-08, 10-32, 10 SLM CAB, AMPEG 15, 183 VOX, 19079, 19313, 5812076, 5812117, 7910010, 7912052, 8-32, 86-032-01, 86-032-08, 86-107-04, 86-501-04, 86-510-04, 86-510-06, BA-500, BAIISII$60-$150
8"ApogeeAll Models$60
12"Apogee110-04, 110-144, 110-137, 110-136, 110-135, 110-134. 110-127, 110-113$100
15"Apogee110-82, 110-99, 110-94, 110-89, 110-83$135
AUDAXHD38S100, HT210G2, PR17HR70
AUDIENT100 9702, 70 9722
AURA SOUND 18''AURA SOUND 18, 86-024-08, 86-027-08
AuratoneAuratone 5 C, 5P&C
12"ATCPA 75, PA-75-314, PA 75-314-STD PDM$145.00
15"B-5215-120, 15-130, 15-160, MATRIX 15, Matrix 1000, PA-1576L-V3$90
18"B-52B-52 18 200L, B-52 18-180L, B-52 18-180S, B-52 18-180S *, B-52 18-200, B-52 18-200F, B-52 18-200L, B-52 18-200S, B-52 18-200SL,B52 18-200X, B-52 18-220S, B-52 18-220X, B-52 18/200s$150
10"-18"B&C10/039, 10/079-8, 10/099-16, 10/110-16, 10/152-8, 10HPL51-8, 10HPL64-8, 10MB26-8, 10NDL64-8, 10PE26, 10PE26-8, 10PE28-6, 10PS26-8, 12/118-8, 12/124-8, 12/146E-4, 12/146F-4, 12/150-4, 12/150Y, 12CX/P-8, 12HPL64-4, 12HPL64-8, 12HPL76W4, 2HPL76W8, 12ND02-4, 12NDL-76, 12PE31-4, 12PE31-8, 12PE32-8, 12PL32-8, 12PS100-8, 12PZ31-4, 12TBX100, 15/120-8, 15/138-8, 15/139-8, 15/219-8, 15/223B-4, 15/275D-4 HPL, 15/276B-4, 15/306-8, 15CX40-8, 15HPL64-8, 15HPL76W8, 15KP40-8, 15NDL-76, 15PE40-8, 15PL40-8, 15PS40-8, 15PW40-8, 15PWB40-8, 5PZ40-8, 15RX, 15SW115-4, 15SW115-8, 15TBX100-4, 15TBX100-8, 18 NW100-8, 18 PS46-8, 18 PW 46-4, 18 PW 46-8, 18 PZB46-8, 18 RX, 18/032-8, 18/063-4, 18/063-8, 8/101B-8, 18/113C-4, 18/113C-8, 18P2B46-8, 18PS100-8, 18SW115-4, 18SW115-8, 18TBX100-4, 18TBX100-8, 21SW115-8, 21SW150-4, 21SW150-8, 32TBX100, 400 AMX-8, 6MD38-8, 6PEV13, 6PEV13-8, 804094, 8CNX 51-8, 8NW 51-16, 8NW 51-8, 8PE21-8, FA18A, FA460, HM 210Z10, HM 210Z8, LC06/2001-8$65-$165
Bang & Olufsen760315, 770302, C17WG-29,
Bowers And Wilkins7", 7000, 802 BASS UNIT, BC 3001S2, BC3001, BC3002, BP2001, LF ZZ10642, LPT160, ZZ10391, ZZ10898, ZZ7447
10"Bag EndAll Models$55
12"Bag EndAll Models$75
15"Bag EndAll Models$95
18"Bag EndAll Models$125
10"-18"Beyma10G-200, 10M250, 10MWND, 12KX, 12LX60, 12MI100-8, 15G400, 15G450N, 15GT200, 15K200, 15KX, 15LX60, 18G-40, 18G-400,18G-550, 18GT-200, 18LX60, 18P1200ND, 21L50, 6G40, 8LW30, 8M/ND, 8M100, G-125, G300, HS-BE151, ND15W, PRO10MI, PRO 8MI, SM118, VM18$65-$170
10"MESA BOOGIEAll Models$55
Bose050396, 101, 108770, 109638, 111791, 111791K, 12" LL88, 135756, 176257, 201, 201 SERIES 3, 201 SERIES II, 25-100549-20, 301, 4 CAR DOOR, 401, 501, 501-4, 501-SERIES 4, 501 8", 502B, 6.5 CAR, 601, 65.13-8 352 453.9, 6X9, 802, 812, 901, 901 Series II, CANNON 302, CATILAC 8", INTERAUDIO 4000, LF-88-A, PAN ARRAY, TANDEM 302,
4"-12"Boston Acoustic10.5 LF, 12 COMPETITOR, 12 GENERATOR, 12.5 LF, 4.5MR, 555X, 64.3, A-60, A-70, A100, A400, AVR 975, FX3, FX5, FX6, HD7, NEO 5T, PC10, RC520, RC820, T830,
4"-12"Canton speaker repair/recone serviceAll Models
8"-18"Carvin600WT, 1580LR, BRX10, LT10-4M, NE10-8, NE15-8, NE18-4, NE18-8, PS-8, PS10-8, PS12-8, PS15, PS15C, PS18, PS18C, PS18H, PS18H-8, PS18X, PSC 18-4, PSC 18-8, TS15-4, TS15-8, TS18-8, TS21-4
6"CelestionAll Models$50
8"CelestionG8L-35, K8-1755
(all other models)
10"CelestionBGT4765, C1008, C10H100, C10T-80, G10D-25, G10L-35, K10T-200E, MARSHALL 10
(all other models)
12"CelestionCelestion VOX12, Celestion T5380A, Celestion GOODMAN 12", Celestion Marshall 12", G12 (16 ohm), G12 (8 ohm), G12-30, G12-412, G12-50 AVT, G12-65, G12-75 (16 ohm), G12-80 (8 ohm), G12-GOLD, G12B-150, G12E-50, G12H-100, G12H-30 (16 ohm), G12H-30 (8 ohm), G12H-80, G12H-90, G12K-100, G12K-85 (16 ohm), G12L (8ohm), G12L-35 (16 ohm), G12L-35 (8 ohm), G12L-40 (8 ohm), G12L-60, G12M (16 ohm), G12M (8 ohm), G12M-70 (16 ohm), G12M-70 (8 ohm)
G12M25 (16ohm), G12M25 (8 ohm), G12N-65, G12P-80, G12P-80 T1573, G12S-50 (4 ohm), G12S-50 (8 ohm), G12S50 (16ohm), G12T-100, G12T-100-4, G12T-75
G12T-80, GOLD LABEL BULLDOG, K12T-200, MC90, MT9, NEO DOG, P3902, S12-150, S15-250, SELMER 12", SP-000183-00, SP-00079
SP-00084-00R1, SP6190, SP6834, SR1, Seventy 80 Red lebel, T-1088, T-128, T1221, T1632, T2876, T3120/FM13, T3989/11, T4424-11
T4668/25, T5104, T5173, T5345, T5390, T5411, T5413, T5431, T5432A, T5449, T5450, T5451, T5452A, T5469, T5488A, T5602A, T5769, T5769 A, T5774A, T5850A, TRUEVOX 1020, V12-60, V12-80, VINTAGE 30, VOX T5339
(all other models)
15"Celestion115J-300, 15S-100, 200KT 4000, 91 LTF, BX15-4085, C15H-200, C15J-300, C15T-150, G15M-15, K15-200E, K15H-250E, K15H-25E, K15T-200, S15-250
(all other models)
18"CelestionB18 1000, B18 1200, BX1200, BX18-4085, G18C, G18Q-400, K18J-300
(all other models)
10"-18"Cerwin VegaL121-4, 0188, 101W2, 102WT, 10W3, 12-4, 122D2, 122EB, 122S4, 122W2, 122W4, 122WT, 123W, 12W-3, 12W4, 12W5, 152D-8, 152EH, 152W, 152WR, 153EH, 153EM, 153EV, 153EV SII, 153W, 153WHF, 154EB, 154W, 154WT, 155W, 157W, 158EM, 15W1, 15W2, 15W3, 15W4, 15W5, 187, 188C, 188CH, 188EB, 188EM, 189 E, 189 ES, 189 JE, 189 JE 2, 189CF, 189CW, 189JE S2, 189SC, 189SE, 189SW, 81W4, 8W1, AC 188L, 188MF, AFTERBURNER, ALW150, ALW750, ALW80, ATW-10, ATW-12, ATW-8, ATW124, ATW15 4, CVW-12, CVW 15, CWW-12, CWW13, CWW15, DCW-10, DCW-8, DCW15, DXM6, DXW-5, DXW-8, DXW10, DXW12, DXW15, ER102, ER122, ER123, ER124, ER158, FH18A, FH18B, FH18C, FH18D, FH18E, FH18F, FR15B, FR15C, FR15D, FR15E, FR8B, FR8C, G15W, GW15, GW26, HTW-12, HTW-122, HTW 150, HTW 151, IT 15, L101-2, L121-4, L122, L1815, L1815-8, L187-4, L187F, L189W, L189X, LE 8D, LE10D, LE10S, LE12D, LE12S, LE15D, LE15S, LE18-S4, LE18-S8, LM104-8, LSC5X-1033, LSCGN-1030, M124, MCW12, MF 61, MR65A, MRH65A, MXW12, MXW15, PS12, PS15, PSW10, PSW12, PSW15, PSW15-16, R24, RE12W, REW-10, REW-12, REW-16, REW-8, REW15, RW12D, S15, STROKER 12 D4, STROKER 15, STROKER 15 D2,STROKER 15 D4, STROKER 18 D2, STROKER 18 D4, STROKER 18 S4, SW 21A, SW154, SW15A, SW15B, SW18A, SW18C, V33, VEGA154-4, VSW-10, VSW-12, VSW-15, VSW-8, VW-127, VW 10D, VW 10P, VW12-P, VW12D, W10-4, W10D, W10T, W12, W12-4, W12-8, W121-4, W122, W15, W15-4, W15P, W8-4, WOFH 12201, WOFH 15202, WOFH 15204, WOFP 15256, WOFP 18305, WOFP 18404, WOFP18303, WOFP18304, WOFP18307, WOFP18406, WOFP21401, XL-15D, XL-15S, XL10 S, XL12-D, XL12S, XL18S$60-$175
10"CTSAll models$50
12"CTSAll models$65
15"CTSAll models$75
DAHLQUIST 33F-WK, 8", AD5060-W8, DQ1W,
4x10"DELCO 4 X 10All models$55
4x6"DELCO 4X6All models$50
6x9"DELCO 6X9All models$55
7"EAWAll models$65
8"EAW803040, 804001, 804021, 804022, 804024, 804036*, 804051, 804052, 804055,
804058, 804059, 804064, 804071, 804078, 804084, 804087, 804089, 804090, 804091, 804094, 804095, 804097, 804099, 804100, 804110, 804114, 804115, 804118, 804120, 804122, 804123, 804129, 807031,

10"EAWL10/3001-8, LC-1045, LC-1063, LC-1075,$85
12"EAWLC-12/3012-8, LC-1214, LC-1223, LC-1224, LC-1230, LC-1232, LC-1233, LC-1234,
LC-1236, LC-1242, LC-1243,
LC-1264, LC-1274, LC12-3004-8, LC12/3002-8, LC12/3007-8, LC12/3009-8, LC12/4002-8,
15"EAW LC-1514, LC-1515, LC-1523, LC-1524, LC-1525, LC-1526, LC-1527*, LC-1528, LC-1533, LC-1535, LC-1536, LC-1542, LC15/2002-8, LC15/3001-8, LC15/3003-8, LC15/3007-8$145
18"EAWLC-1814, LC-1815, LC-1816, LC-1824, LC-1826, LC-1827, LC18/4001-8$165
10"-18"EDENBG1012 NEO, BG1016C, BG1080C, CX 1060C, CX 1260C, D118, EC 1260 F, EC1040XSV8, EC1060 S, EC1060 W, EC1060 XL, EC1060 XS, EC1060F, EC1060XL-16, EC1060XL 4 E, EC1060XL 8-E, EC1060XS16E, EC1060XS8E, EC1260F-4 300W, EC1503 XL, EC1560F, EC1804, EC2560, ES1032, ES1040 XL, ES1260, ES1560, RC1260F$60-$180
10"EIGHTEEN SOUND10M600, 10MB400, 10W402$65
12"EIGHTEEN SOUND12LW500, 12LW800, 12ND610, 12ND730$95
15"EIGHTEEN SOUND15LW1402, 15MB700,$165
18"EIGHTEEN SOUND18LW1250, 18LW1400, 18LW2400, 18W1000, 18W1300$195
6"EminenceAll models$40
8"EminenceAll models$45
10"EminenceAll models$50
12"EminenceStamp Frame$60
12"EminenceCast Pro 3" VC$60
12"EminenceCast Pro 4" VC$85
15"EminenceStamp Frame$60
15"EminenceCast Pro 3" VC$65
15"EminenceCast Pro 4" VC$90
18"Eminence3" VC$95
18"Eminence4" VC$100
10"EPIall models$50
8"-18"Electro Voice
10 FORCE, 10L, 10M, 12FORCE, 12L, 12S, 12TRX, 12TRXB, 12XW, 15B, 15BWK, 15BX, 15FORCE, 15FORCE ONE, 15L, 15TRX, 15TRXB, 15W, 16B, 18B, 18BX, 3011710000146M, 3012070010145M, 70173, 70713, 73048, 800570, 810-4475, 812-0334, 812-2364, 812-3037, 812-3238, 812-3283, 815-1197, 815-8182, 85164, B-10, BX18, CL12V, DL10X, DL10X-VP, DL12 BFH, DL12S, DL12ST DEEP, DL12ST SHALLOW, DL12SX, DL12SX, DL12X, DL12X OEM, DL15, DL15 BFH, DL15ST, DL15SX, DL15T, DL15W, DL15X, DL15XT, DL15Y, DL18 BFA, DL18 BFH, DL18MT, DL18RH, DL18W, DL18X, DVN2065, DVN2080, DVX3121, DVX3150, DVX3151, DVX3180, ELIMINATOR 15 B, ELIMINATOR 15 L, ELIMINATOR 18, ENTERTAINER 100S, EVG-12, EVG-15, EVI 12, EVI 15, EVID-12, EVOLVE 50, EVS-12K, EVS-12M, EVS-12S, EVS-12SB, EVS-15J, EVS-15K, EVS-18K, EVS-18L, EVS 15FR*, EVS 15S, EVS 15SF, EVS 18S, EVS15M, EVX150, EVX180, EVX180B, FM 12-2, FO1U 18843812285M, GLADIATOR G115, M-15, MC8, MODEL 12W , ND12, ND8A, PR12XB, QRX 115-75, S18, SENTRY 100A, SENTRY 8, SEVEN, SMX 2120, SMX 2121, SMX 2150, SMX 2151, SP12, SP15B, SP8 B, SP8 C, SRO12, SRO15B, SRO15L, V1226, VMR9, WOLVERINE 15, XLINE, ZX190$55-$180
(all other models)
12"FANE12'' HIWATT, 12/150, 122142, 122142, 122231, CRESCENDO 12A, CRESCENDO 12E
(all other models)
15"FANE15/300, 15788, 15788, 15B, 15L, 15XB, COLLOSUS 15 BASS, COLLOSUS 15 XB, CX15 PA, STUDIO 15B, STUDIO COLLOSUS 15 BASS
(all other models)
(all other models)
8"Fender038 0001200, CHAMP 8$60
10"Fender010134, 023010, 030627, 036457, 064121, 064121 CTS, 064121 EMINENCE, 064121 OXFORD, 064121 PYLE, 10J4-3,10J4-5, 10K5F-1, 10L5-1XL303, 10L5-3, 10L6-1, B4-2266, BLUE 10, V10R9$65
12"Fender005379, 008498, 010662, 012742, 014827, 022939, 022954, 081810 OXFORD, 081828, 105379, 12K5-6, 12L5N-1, 12L6-11, 12L6-13, 12T6-1, 12T6-10, 12T6-9, 137-7221, 22962, 5812241, P12Q C6577, V12PC 129$75
15"Fender017034, 026383, 038-0004-00, 052308, 15 FABA8B, 15M6-1, 5815025, 5815113, 810146$90
FUNKTION-ONE18493, 21"
12"Fostexmost models$100
15"Fostexmost models$75
18"Fostexmost models$150
12"Gallien Krueger

all models$70
Gallien Kruegerall models$100
12"Gauss2101, 2142, 2841, 2841, 3281, 4283$110
15"Gauss1582, 4543, 4580, 4580, 4582, 4583A, 4583B, 4583XR, 5831, 5840, 5840, B358$145
18"Gauss1843B, 4882, 4883, B388$155
10"Gibsonall models$65
12"Gibsonall models$85
15"Gibsonall models$115
10"Hartkeall models$55
12"Hartkeall models$65
15"Hartkeall models$85
4"-15"Infinity 0476034AB, 10.1, 10.1D, 100.3SE, 1030W, 12.1, 12.1D, 120.3SE, 120.3SE DVC, 1232, 1232W, 3.250', 3514-3877, 490780, 902-0032, 902-0932, 902-1187, 902-2121, 902-2128, 902-2659, 902-2666, 902-2673, 902-2680, 902-2687, 902-2715, 902-3054, 902-3061, 902-4158, 902-4165, 902-4281, 902-4292, 902-4300, 902-4347, 902-4592, 902-4599, 902-5030, 902-5233, 902-5567, 902-5567, 902-5709, 902-6136, 902-6344, 902-6354, 902-6416, 902-6770, 902-6771, 902-6774, 902-6779, 902-7298, 902-7329, 95142472, 95142977, A1206A-L, B160-1, BETA SERIES 15, ES300, KAPPA 12, POLY 10, SM10-1, SM8-1, SM8GSF, US0014-18104$40-$110
5"JBL104H, 104H-2, 2105, LE5$65
6"JBL115H, 115H-1$65
8"JBL108H, 116A, 116H, 117H, 2108, 2108H, 2110, 2115, 2115, 2115A, 2115B, 2115H, 2115J, 2118, 2119, D208, LE8, LE8-T, LE8T$72
10"JBL127H, 127H-1, D110, E110, K110, LE10A, LE10H, LE111, MI-10, MI-10A, MI10, 2012H, 2012HPL, 2121, 2121H, 2122, 2122H, 2123, 2123, 2123H, 2123J, Eon Power10, Eon-10, Eon10$75-$120
12"JBL121A, 121H, 122A, 122H, 126A, 126A, 128H, 128H-1, 129H, 2020, 2020H, 2022H, 2023, 2023H, 2202, 2202A, 2202B, 2202H, 2202J, 2203, 2203A, 2203H, 2204H, 2206H, 2206HPL, 2206J, 2212, 2213, 2213H, 2214, 2214H, 2262, 2262G, 2262H, 262, 262F, 262H,D, D-123, D120-F, D120F, D120F-8, D123, D131, D131-8, E-120-8, E120-16, E120-16, G-125-8, G125, G125-8,K-120-8, K120-16, M112-8, M222-8, MI 12, MI-12, MI12, MR Series$80-$145
14"JBL2217H, 2217HPL, LE14A, LE14H, LE14H-1$155
15"JBL136, 136A, 136H, 2032, 2032H, 2032HPL, 2035 Series, 2205 ,2205, 2205A, 2205A, 2205B, 2205B, 2205C, 2205C, 2215A, 2215A, 2215B, 2215C, 2215C, 2215H, 2215H, 2215J, 2220, 2225, 2225H, 2225J, 2226, 2226H, 2227H, 2227HPL, 2231, 2231A, 2231H, 2234A, 2234H, 2235, 2235H, 2255H, 2255HPL, 2265G, 2265G-1, 2265GPL, 2265GPL-1, 2265H, 2265HPL, 265F, 265F-1, 265H, 265H-1, D13-F, D130-16, D130A, D130F, D130F-8, D140, D140-F, D140F, D140F-8,D145-8, E-130-8, E130, E130-16, E130-8, E140, E145-16, E145-8, Eon15, Eon15G2, Eon15P, G135A-8, G2, K130-16, K130-8, K140, K145, K145-8, LE15A, LE15B, M-151-8, M115, M115, M115-8, M115-8, M115-8A, M115-8A, M151, M151-8, Power15$115-$165
18"JBL2042H, 2042HPL, 2043G, 2043GPL, 2044E, 2044EPL, 2044G, 2044GPL, 2044H, 2044HPL, 2240, 2240G, 2240H, 2241, 2241G, 2241GPL, 2241H, 2242H, 2242HPL, 2245, 2245H, 2258H, 2258HPL, 2268G, 2268H, 2268HPL, 268G, E-155-4, E-155-8, E115, E115-8, E155-4, K151-4, K151-8$140-$175
8"JBL (Toyota/lexus)
factory rear speaker
86160-06080, 86160-08110, 86160-0W020, 86160-0W340, 86160-50010, 86160-AA310, 86160-AC030, 86160-AC090, 86160-AC180, 86160-AF060, 86160-AF070, 86160-AF602$75
4"Jensenall models$45
4x10"Jensenall models$50
5"Jensenall models$45
6"Jensenall models$45
6x9"Jensenall models$55
8"Jensenall models$55
10"JensenC10N, C10Q, C10Q C7259, C10Q C7563-8, C10Q C756311, C10Q C75636, C5888-6, F10Q,JCH10/35-8, P10PF C6980, P10Q C6932, P10Q C6991, P10R C5636-6, P10R C5888-5, P10R C6786
(all other models)
12"Jensen12J11 V1392, 12K5-6, 12L6-11B, 12L6-13, 12L6N-16, 12L6NXH712, 12T6-10, 12T6-2, 12T6-9, 26120,5379, A12PM C4679, AG12, C12N C6915, C12N C8303, C12N C8774 2, C12N C8873, C12N8 C7684-2, C12NA C8220 6, C12NA C826, C12NA-C8220-3, C12NS C8666, C12PS C7574, C12PS C8362, C12Q C7506-2, C12Q C7506-9, C12QC75067, C12R C7075, C12R C7324-2, C12R C7373, C12R C7746, C12R C8496-2, C12R-C7441 3, C12RC7075, C12RC7746, C9819-31093, EM1220 C8984, JCH12-50, LMI125 C8504-7, P12N C6385, P12N C6535, P12N C6843, P12P C4960, P12P C5394, P12Q C5526, P12Q C5837, P12Q C6577, P12QL C6268, P12R C46427, P12R C4897-3, P12R C5916-3, P12R C5920, P12R C59762, P12R C59762, P12R C6265-3, P12R C6427, P12R C6514-3, SG-220
(all other models)
15"Jensen6100115, 038-0004-00, 158T-1XK289, C15L C15L C8768-5, C15L C9642, C15P C7461 3, C82873, EM1500 C85717-7, EM1500C7734, F15LL C5600-2, LMI152 C8505 2, P15LS C6086, P15LS C6086, P15N C4964, P15N C6351, P15N C6823, P15Q, P15Q C4966
(all other models)
4"-12"KEF 104, 105/3, 107/2, B110, B200/ 104/2, SP1014, SP1209, SP1215, SP1256, SP1261, SP1275, SP1284, SP1301, SP1349,$65-$150
KLH1141087, 116810V, KLH 17, KLH MODEL SIX,
4"-18"KLIPSCH55-2972, 67-0116A0078, 9244, 9650, K-1073-K, K-1076-SV, K-46E, K10, K1001K, K1002K, K1004K, K1005K, K1007K, K1050K, K1081S, K10K, K1545K, K18KP, K19K, K22, K22E, K22EF, K22RF, K23, K24K, K25K, K26K, K2K, K31K, K33, K33B, K33E, K33J*, K33M, K33P, K34E, K35K, K40K, K41M, K42, K42 EV, K42K, K42KP, K43, K43E, K43EP, K43SKP, K44E, K44K, K45E, K45KT, K46E, K47, K472-E, K47EP2, K48, K48K, K48KP, K49 EP-2, K49K, K82TM, K8K, KD-12, KD-15, KD-17, KD-18, KSP400$50-$150
15"LESLIEall models$100
12"McCAULEY6000-12, B1240, M1220$140
15"McCAULEY6000, 6244, B1540, B1560$150
18"McCAULEY6174, 6256, B1840, B1860$165
10"MusicmanMusicman 10
12"Musicman12GPGN8F, A12RH$75
10"M&K (martin and kreisel)all models$60
12"M&K (martin and kreisel)all models$80
15"M&K (martin and kreisel)all models$100
4"Mackieall models$40
6"Mackieall models$45
8"Mackieall models$45
10"Mackieall models$65
12"Mackieall models$80
15"Mackieall models$100
Martin12/RCF, 34S 604, CD-12, DLS1023, DLS1050, DLS111, DLS12006, DLS1201, DLS1252, DLS15003, DLS1738, DLS18001, DLS1847, DLS254, DLS301, DLS522, DLS530, DLS532, DLS583, DLS600, DLS601, DLS602, DLS603, DLS607, DLS623, DLS630, DLS800, DLS801, DLS846, DLT 540, DLT 8421, DSL540, EM75, L15/30, L15/31, L15/40, LOGAN 12", M12-31, MACH 500, WS218X
5"Mark Levinson86160-AC030, 86160AC030, 861600W190, 86160 0W190, 86160-0W190, 86160-0W250, 861600W250, 86160 0W250, 86160-0W280, 861600W280, 86160 0W280, 86160-0W290, 861600W290, 86160 0W290, 86160-0W430, 861600W430, 86160 0W430, 6760, 86160-0W440, 861600W440, 86160 0W440, 86150-AC030 86150AC030, 86150 AC030, 86150-AC030, 86150AC030, 86150 AC030, 86150-AC040, 86150AC040, 86150 AC040, 86150-AC040, 86150AC040, 86150 AC040, 86150-AC070, 86150AC070, 86150 AC070, 86150-AC080, 86150AC080, 86150 AC080, 86160-0W250$50
6"Mark Levinson86160-08110, 8616008110, 86160 08110, 86160-0W340, 861600W340, 86160 0W340M, 86160-0W340, 86160-0W880, 86160-17051, 8616017051, 86160 17051, 861600WA00, 86160 0WA00, 86160-0W240, 861600W240, 86160 0W240, 86160 0W270, 86160-0W270, 861600W270, 86150-0W030, 861600W030, 86160 0W030, 86160-0WB10, 861600WB10$50
8"Mark Levinson86160-0W260, 861600W260, 86160 0W260, 86160-0W520, 861600W520, 86160-0W520, 861600WF70, 86160 0WF70, 86160-0W450, 861600W450, 86160 0W450, 6350-27603, 63507603, 63507603$75
10"Mark Levinson86160-0WC40, 86160OWC40, 86160 0WC40, 86160-0W210, 861600W210, 86160 0W210, 86160-OW210, 86160OW210, 86160 OW210$85
12"Marshallall models$65
5"-12"McIntosh036001, 036025, 036031, 036045, 036047, 036049, 036054, 036065, 036103, 036105, 036169, MS471, W-406, W-513,$60-$100
Meyer SoundMA-VW300, MS 18, MS 212 FK, MS 415 FK, MS 812 FK, MS 815 FK, MS415A, MS415N FK, ST-410HP, ST-412N, ST 415 S, ST 815, ST 85, ST418A, ULP-1
MirageBPS 100, all other models
Mission73-LF58W, 770 F11, 78-LF100/Q, 81-LF170/Q, 83-LF130/Q, C17W-56,
NEXO10", 1560, HPB12/4 ND2, HPD 8ND-HF/GEO S, N1826B-6
ONKYO248624, A30FU9O-61F, S 55, W-2097A-N, W-2301G, W-3517C
4"Oxfordall models$45
5"Oxfordall models$45
6"Oxfordall models$50
8"Oxfordall models$55
10"Oxfordall models$65
12"Oxfordall models$75
15"Oxfordall models$85
10"PAS10, MB1080C, NB 1080C$95
12"PASCX1280, G1280C, T1212$120
15"PASBG1580C, ER1580C, HL1580C, HL2580, HL2580C$140.00
18"PASER1840C, ER1880C, HL2880C, LR1880C$150.00
PEERLESS 1-11-078-1, 1-11-079-1, 108308, 831551, 831876, KO 40,contact us for price
10"PEAVEY121 BOSS$50
12"PEAVEY1268 MRBW, 12820PA, BW1201-4, BW1201-8, BW1202-4, BW1208, SCORPION, SH 12862, SHEFIELD$65
15"PEAVEY15835 HP, BW1501-4, BW1501-8, BW1502 DT-4, BW1502 DT-8, BW1503-8, BW1504-4 OLD, BW1505-8, BW1505-8 KADT, BW1888HP-4, BW1888HP-8, SCORPION, SH 15835,SP1$90
18"PEAVEYBW1801-4, BW1801-8, BW1888HP$100
6"-15"PIONEER10-721B-1, 16-81F-1, 20-32f-1, 20-746C, 20-788A, 225DVC, 25-710F, 25-723F, 25-727F, 25-766A, 25-771A, 30-710F, 30-712F, 30-733A-1, 30-733B-1, 30-748A, 30-757A, 30-758A-1, 30-758A-2, 30-758A-6, 30-771A, 30-772A, 30-778A, 30-786A, 40-802A-2, 40-802B-1, 40-805A-1, 40-806A, 820GR30-51S, B20GR30-51F, C922A, P16K, PAX-30C, PAX-30E, PR-002B, PW-382A-2, PW-384A, PW-385A, PW-388A, TS-C603, TS-W251C, TS-W253C, TS-W34C, TS6720-PRS, TSW-W124OC, TSW2000 SPL, TSW2504 SPL, TSW301C, TSW301D4, TSW302C, TSW302F, W25GR31-51F, 86160-33630$45-$125
Polk AudioMW6502, MW6503, MW6510, MW6511, MW7000, B07013, EX10, MW8002, RA-6902-1,contact us for price
QSC10/110F-16, 1032, 8NX-8, FSBA2C002-0800, SP-000036-00, SP-000073-00, SP-000182-00, SP-000183-00, T-5691, T5690A, XD000002, XD000059-02contact us for price
12"RAMSAEAS30PL123S, EAS30PL143A$85
6"RCFL 6L/380$55
8"RCFL 8L/750$60
10"RCF10/500K, L10/561K, L10/568K, L10/581K, L10/750YK, L10/P520, L12/584$65
12"RCFART 300, C300, L12/544, L12/854, L12/P11W, L12/P24, L12/P400K, L12L/750, L12P300/BUTYL, L12P530, L12P540, LF 301, M1263 W$100
15"RCFL15/540, L15/541K, L15/542, L15/554K, L15/854K, L15/K80, L15/K80Y, L15/K81Y, L15/K81Y-4, L15/P200, L15/P200N, L15/P520, L15/P530, L15/S800, L15/S800E, L15/S800E, L15K/81Y, L15PO6C, LF 381-R, LF 383-R$145
18"RCFL18/540, L18/551, L18/651, L18/851KN, L18/P200KN, L18/P200N, L18/P300, L18/P540, L18/P751, L18/S800, L18/Y800$165
12"Renkus-Heinzmost models$75
15"Renkus-Heinzmost models$145
18"Renkus-Heinzmost models$165
ROLAA023421-0, A513030955, AO-21270-0, AO-24347, C10GHD, 005379, 108700, 12BT46-4, 19313, 221130, 27604, 28250, 28297, 285007, 285114, 285123, 285319, 2857526, 2857848, 285952, 36-1610-2, 42028, 550-10, 6920058, 841-1048-000B, 985-0226-27, AO-21055-1, EM1052308, L058103-006, 15526$60
ROLANDJC120, JC160, RES80, SPK-KC550-WFLF, W-3044A, W0804-078A, W300RP13500Fcontact us for price
SansuiS-139, S-148, W-103, W-1500, W-155, W-168, W-174, W-200, W-200 420505, W110contact us for price
SCAN-SPEAK18W4214contact us for price
SEAS17 TV-GWB, 20507, 25F-WB, 25TV-EW, 33F-WK-DQ, 509119Scontact us for price
Seeburg4052421, 407284-2, 407294-2, 408305-1, 408317-2, 408818-1, 47-459918-A, 480122-1, 4843901, 4844111, 485813-3, 487493, 489846-5, 495130-5, 502842-2contact us for price
10"Selenium10MB1P, 10MB3P$70
12"Selenium12WS600-8, WPU1207$100
15"Selenium15PW3-SLF, 15SW2P-SLF, 15SWS1100$145
18"Selenium18SW 1P, 18SW 2P-SLF, 18SW500 A6, 18SWS800, 18WFH1P, WPU1805$165
10"SWRall models$60
12"SWRall models$75
15"SWRall models$90
Sunn011808482, 014508254, 054808706, 108G, 1216GSP, 128G SP, 145, 1516, 158, 158 B, 160, 184, 410S, 528 B, 568, 5815099, 8100007, 810110, 912E, D15S, MAGNA 158H, MAGNA 184, MODEL 226, SPL912E, SPL915E, SPL916E, SPL918Rcontact us for price
TAD1602, 1603, 18', GA1201T, TL-1101H, TL1601, TL1602, TM-1201contact us for price
Tannoy3134, 4DR/51740, 4DR/51771, 4DR/51792, 4DR/51818, 4DR/51834, 5DR/61069, 611097 L, 630615 L, HPD 315/8, HPD 385/8, LGM12, LSU/HF/15L, PBM 6.5 LM, PD 122.8/SB.8-19397-06-1, SRM 12B, SYSTEM8NFMIIcontact us for price
TOYOTA6646, 6455 20204-M062 1049, 6350ABcontact us for price
Turbo SoundCD202, F1508, ED, LF1804, LS-1023, LS 505, LS1001, LS1004, LS1008, LS1015, LS1015/2, LS1018, LS1201, LS1205, LS1209, LS1213, LS1214, LS1219, LS1220, LS1504, LS1506, LS1507, LS1508, LS1513, LS1514, LS1518, LS1520, LS1521, LS1522, LS1523, LS1527, LS1529, LS1801, LS1801 E, LS1802, LS1803, LS1804, LS1808, LS1809, LS1811, LS1812.2, LS1815, LS1816, LS6501, LS6502, LS6508, LS8010, LS8091, TS-12W1000B4, TS-15W1600C8, TS-18SW2800A8, TXD-252contact us for price
12"Utahall models$75
15"Utahall models$80
Velodyne72-015, CS1196, CT120, CT750, ULD 12, all other modelscontact us for price
VIFAA12CG-21-04, C13WH-09, M18W0-09, M21WN-07, M22 WROG, M22WO-07, M25, SONUS FABER, TC18SG69, W121WM-07contact us for price
VOX 11J4-1, 122MA8R-1, 122MA8R-5, 33-50-65-6, 7442V, 7442W, 7722, 7724, AD30C, BLUE BELL 12", GSH-1030, GSH-1230, T1656contact us for price
Weber10A125-A, 10P150F, 12790949, 12A125-A, VCT P10Qcontact us for price
WharfdaleTWIN 18SB, 101911, 1335, 18LB100-8A1, 2513, 300, 333, D-002, D-004A, D-093, D-220, D-304, D-569, D-643A, D-851, D053, D079, D161, D222-A, D570, D592, D615, D618, D619, D644, E30, E70, E90, FORCE 9, W-9, W12/FS, W592, W60-D, 101911, D-704, D-708contact us for price
12"Yamahaall models$75
15"Yamahaall models$85
18"Yamahaall models$115
10"Yorkvilleall models$65
12"Yorkvilleall models$90
15"Yorkvilleall models$115
18'Yorkvilleall models$150

Speaker Repair/Speaker Reconing Service Warranty: 1 year warranty. Warranty covers workmanship and parts. Not abuse, burned voice coils, water, heat or sun damage. We are not responsible for items left after 30 days of notice.