Orban audio repairs all types of speakers. Woofers, subwoofers, mid-range drivers, tweeters, coaxial drivers, full-range drivers, horn loudspeaker replacement diaphragms.

PHONE: 330-754-7458 

Speaker Reconing Service includes:
Complete inspection, replacement of all moving parts. Voice coil, lead wires, cone, surround, spider, dust cover, gasket. Final test on completed repair
Speaker Refoaming Service includes:
Complete Inspection, shim/re-center voice coil, replacement of outer edge foam/cloth/rubber.
Final test on completed repair
Crossover repair and upgrades
Magnet repairs
We can re-use original cones upon request if no longer made or a replacement is not available. As long as they are in good shape. The damaged parts can be replaced.
Speaker grill cloth refurbishing
Lead wire repair