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Frequently Asked Questions

Turn around time is 1-2 weeks usually. There are some instances where it may take longer if parts are not in stock or back ordered.
Yes, if there is a speaker that can not be fixed to sound proper again we will not fix it. But most speakers are not a problem.
Most of the time reconing is the answer, if done right it will be good as new. Sometimes reconing is the only option especially with vintage speakers. Plus the speakers that are in your cabinet were designed to be in that speaker and work with the crossover inside. So if you replace, it will change the sound.
This is when you try to find a used one or find the best suitable replacement tweeter which we can help you find.
Most speakers can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of new speakers.
Our recommendation is to use what was originally on there or what’s closest available.
Yes as long as the cone is in good shape it can be saved and the damaged parts can be replaced.
Yes, if the speakers are over 20 years old and they have not been recapped, We would recommend having them replaced/upgraded. Most speakers sound better after recapping.
If you have a vintage amp with an original speaker it is usually worth reconing. Especially if you like the way the amp sounds. If you change the speaker it will change the sound for better or worse.
That is a matter of personal taste so there is no right or wrong answer. Some speakers will sound good in one amp in not in the other its all about the complete set up, amp/speakers/guitar. That being said. Smooth cones will break up easier than ribbed cones which may be an effect you desire. The only way to know is to try both yourself and see which one you like better.