Reconing a Speaker?

Useful Guide on Reconing a Speaker

Speaker Reconing is the replacement of all moving parts. Cone, voice coil, surround, spider, dust cover, gasket, lead wires. We measure all components and properly align the voice coil and match all drivers.

How to Recone a Speaker(Our Process for Reconing a Speaker )

We clean the magnetic gap of all debris and inspect it before reconing. Glues dry for 24 hours for a proper cure before pulling the shims. We do a final test on the completed repair. All parts used will either be factory or aftermarket if not available. Our Top-rated speaker reconing service makes sure to use parts with the same specs and of the best quality available or we will not do the repair.

A lot of vintage hi-fi speakers have cones that are no longer in production and are made of materials that do not degrade like kevlar, poly, carbon fiber, etc…. We can save the original cone if not damaged this has become a specialty of ours and can save the speaker’s and the original fidelity.

The cone is a very important part of the sound. A question we get a lot is if one speaker is bad should I fix both? The answers depend on age and use. If the speakers are more than 5 years old and used a lot it would be a good idea to rebuild both speakers.

The bottom suspension called the spider wears out over time just like the surround can. What can happen is the cone starts to sink and is misaligned. The speakers will work but will not perform as well if the suspension was repaired and aligned correctly.

Another repair that we see a lot is when the speaker gets played too loud and damages the bottom of the voice coil former. The bottom of the coil can get damaged and cause the voice coil to rub and make scratching sounds. In some cases depending on the quality of the speaker and damage. It can be taken apart and repaired keeping everything original and replacing the suspension if worn out. If the coil is damaged beyond repair we will replace it.


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