Reconing a Speaker?

Speaker Reconing Service in Cuyahoga Falls OH | Orban Audio

Speaker Reconing is the replacement of all moving parts. Cone, voice coil, surround, spider, dust cover, gasket, lead wires. We measure all components and properly align the voice coil and match all drivers.

How to Recone a Speaker(Our Process for Reconing a Speaker )

We clean the magnetic gap of all debris and inspect it before reconing. Glues dry for 24 hours for a proper cure. We do a final test on the completed repair. All parts used will either be factory or aftermarket if not available. 

A lot of vintage hi-fi speakers that are no longer in production have speaker cones made of materials that do not degrade like kevlar, poly, carbon fiber. We can save the original cone if not damaged which can save the speaker’s original fidelity instead of putting a replacement speaker that was not intended to be in there and would change the sound. It is always best to keep original.