Boston Acoustic 10” foam surround


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Angled Attached
(9.750 OD) (7.125 ID)
Weight 0.20oz
Fits 10” Boston Acoustic speaker models A-150, A150, A-200, A200, HD-10, HD10
Passive Radiator, 710LF, 975, PV-600, PV600, SW-10, SW10, T-30, T30, T-930,
T930, VR 400, VR400 Subwoofer, VR 500, VR500 Subwoofer, VR-970, VR970,
VR-975, VR975, A-100, A100, A-120
Price $15 each
Priority Mail 1096L
9-7/16” (L) X 6-7/16” (W) X 2-3/16” (H)

Weight 0.20 oz


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