Cerwin Vega 15” foam surround


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Flat Attached
OD 14.5″ ID 11.875
Weight 0.5oz
Fits 15” Cerwin Vega speaker models REW-15, REW15, R-28, R28, S-2EE, S2,
U-15,U15, U-351, U351, W-15, W15, W15-4, D-9, D9, DC15, DC-15, DC 15,
EE-2030, EE2030, EE 2030, 152W, 152-WR, 152WR, 15W1, 15W-1, 15W-4, 15W-6,
153W, 154W, 154WT, 15W5, 215-R, 215R, 217-R, 217R, 313, 316-R, 316R, 317-P,
317P, 15T, 152WHF, 2000-15, A316R, A504R, AL-1000, CD90, CD-90, CD 90,
CH-504R, CVW-15, CVW15, D15EE, D-8, D8, D-8EE, D15-EE, H15, HED-15, HED15,
HTW-151, HTW151, M-100, M100, M-15, M15, MX-400, MX400, MXW-15, MXW15,
Price $15 each
Priority Mail regional rate box B2 15” (L) X 12” (W) X 3” (H)

Weight 0.5 oz


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